30 April 2013

Doa Melihat Cermin

Setiap hari kita lihat cermin kan?
Jangan lupa baca doa ketika melihat cermin tu ye <3
"Ya Allah, Engkau telah mencipta tubuhku sedemikian indah, maka perindahkanlah pula moral dan akhlakku."

29 April 2013

Jahit Tepi (Baby Lock)

Tempahan jahit tepi (baby lock) untuk Hari Raya 2013 akan ditutup tak lama lagi. 
Segala pertanyaan, sila emel kami @ 123lemari@gmail.com.

Contoh jahitan baby lock di sini

Hari Raya 2013 Collection

We're preparing our own long shawl collection for Hari Raya 2013. Gonna release the collection soon with very special introductory price ♥

Watch this space for more updates~

18 April 2013

Order sebelum kehabisan stok

Jangan lupa ye.. 
2 for RM20 tu valid untuk hari ni je~


17 April 2013

Today's Special (Thursday, Apr 18)

as promised (remember this?)

Today's Special (Thursday, Apr 18)
valid for order placed on the above date only! *T&C applies

Buy any 2 from

Crumple Pelangi Shawl (Batch 2)
Normal price : RM12 (free postage)
Normal price : RM12 (free postage)

for RM20 only
(with free shipping, of course!)

Today's Special Sale

We will update more details for Today's Special which is only valid for order place on Thursday (Apr 18) only.

Watch this space
visit our website 

12 April 2013


get this at RM7 !

only valid on April 12

Buy Now @ Bawal 3-tone
or PM us @ our FB

07 April 2013

Today's Special, Sunday (Apr 7)

Halfmoon Shawl
RM25 only!

Grab one here :

05 April 2013

123lemari mobile version

Wanna access 123lemari via phone?

Try this 

Potong Kuku

Jom potong kuku ikut sunnah nabi ♥

Have you wondered how to care for Chiffon?

Chiffon is a delicate fabric often used in evening dresses, but sometimes used for day dresses and blouses as well. There are several different types of chiffon and each requires a different method of care. In all cases, be as delicate as possible with your chiffon garment to preserve its beauty.

Learn proper care for chiffon clothing here :

04 April 2013

Hijab and Our Hair

"Wearing the hijab shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy hair! As a gift from Allah (SWT), we’re obligated to take care of what we’ve been blessed with. Regular care is all you need and you’ll have beautiful hair insha’Allah :)

from 'Treating Hijab Hair' : http://muslimgirl.net/2027/treating-hijab-hair/

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