23 March 2011

Info: Half Moon Shawl

ILoveLAC will be releasing Half Moon Shawl in April!

Stay tuned by being my follower :)

22 March 2011

Inner Scarf Price Slash!

Lycra inner - SOLD OUT

Meet us @ Shah Alam this weekend!

Salam ladies,

We'll be at:

credit: huiyobazaar

26th-27th March 2011 (Saturday - Sunday)

Huiyoo Bazaar (booth no.: 6)

11am - 9pm

First Floor, Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam


Clearance Sale as low as RM5 per item!
Reduced price for all items during bazaar
Handmade Accessories are available during bazaar

18 March 2011

Pre-Orders: Black Cotton Inner

Black Cotton Inner - pre-orders now welcome!

Stock coming in small batches. Hurry~

16 March 2011

Velvet Rose Brooch/Hair Clip

Check out our very own velvet rose brooch/hair clip.
Pre-orders now welcome!

Note: Item color in the picture might slightly vary from the original color

07 March 2011

SOLD OUT - Black Cotton Inner

Black cotton inner - all SOLD OUT!
New stock coming in very soon.

Stay tuned by being my follower :)

04 March 2011

5 Mar 2011 (Saturday)

ILoveLAC @ Huiyo Bazaar, Alam Sentral.

See you there! :)

03 March 2011

Update: Cotton Inner Scarf (Code: CI)

Cotton Inner Scarf (Code: CI) has been updated.
For item codes, pls refer to http://ping.fm/OzgBr

Note: Item color in the picture might slightly vary from the original color

01 March 2011

Price Revision

Price for Cotton Inner Scarf has been revised to

Wholesale price:
RM50 (10pcs), RM90 (20pcs)

Update: Black Cotton Inner Scarf (Code: CB1)

Black cotton inner scarves are back!
Only 10 pieces available..Hurry!

RM8 including shipping

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